About the role

Keboola needs a Data Analyst who is Jack-of-all-trades kind of person. What do we mean by that?

  • In-depth technical knowledge is a must as whatever clever solution to a data problem you come up with you’ll also have to implement yourself
  • Presentation skills are needed as well as you’ll occasionally get to meet client’s stakeholders and will have to explain your solution and its benefits
  • 80/20 rule applies – 80% time spent working with data using SQL, R or Python plus 20% time spent meeting clients, attending calls or using Slack
  • You’ll help onboard new clients into the platform, both during PoCs and full-fledged projects, providing technical support when needed
  • This position revolves around consultancy – you’ll have to combine deep technical knowledge with understanding of clients’ business processes

About you

  • You’re geeky about data and love giving insights to different stakeholders
  • Your background is in Digital Analytics, PPC / SEO or Digital Marketing areas or similar
  • You love working with data. Starting with extraction (APIs scraping), through cleansing and augmentation (transforming), manipulation using advanced analytics methods (predictions, recommendations) to running data science applications (NLP, propensity modelling etc.). All within one SaaS platform using SQL
  • You seek the opportunity of a lifetime, with industry-disrupting attitude and passion for what you do


About Keboola

Keboola provides a cloud-based data engineering & management platform that helps clients combine, enhance and publish crucial information for their internal analytics projects and data products in quick and easy fashion.

Having been established on the UK market for more than 2 years (with over 8+ years worldwide) and servicing clients from financial, travel, hospitality, retail and gaming industries, we help them significantly reduce or eliminate:

  • Time spent on repetitive maintenance tasks
  • Adoption time and learning curves needed for outdated systems
  • Drawn-out menial responsibilities which detract from efficiency
  • and more...

Simply put, #DoMoreWithData is not only cool hashtag we use, but also our mantra.

  • Imagine a place where you can be who you are, no masks needed. In fact, being yourself is required. We believe people perform best when they don't have to pretend anything to anyone, utilising their strongest abilities to full potential
  • Imagine a place where you are your only manager, with no one telling you what to do or when. Feel free to take a nap, skate in the park or Instagram nearby park if you feel like it. Having your work done is all that matters, the rest is up to you
  • Imagine a place where you learn something new every day. Because you want to. Because there's always something new to learn about and because you want to be better than yesterday. On your own, because you can

Sounds like a dream come true and opportunity not to miss? Then apply now 🙂