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Data Idols have opened up the Data Science Festival community to tech companies, we’ve built a free to use job board connecting the UK’s tech companies with our network.


The idea for the job board came about at one of our Google Campus startup events. The question was raised, how do startups hire? With difficulty is the answer, it’s certainly not by using recruitment agencies. It got us thinking, if our mission is to help the UK data community flourish, what can we do to help?

Are we crazy?

Is it crazy for a recruitment company to open it’s network for free? Quite possibly. Is it innovative? Hopefully.

Yes companies other than start ups will use the board, Yes we may miss out on placements or lose candidates directly. Is it worth the risk? Definitely.

DataIdols is a specialist boutique agency

If you use our board successfully, great, if you’d like some additional specialist help, we look forward to hearing from you!

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